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Digium has thousand of certified partners worldwide to provide you personal service and assistance for your Amdel Infoways solution. In India we are one of them to provide Digium service. Learn what's in the latest version of Amdel Infoways. It's an even better way to communicate with an easier to interface, enhanced mobility and more. See for yourself how Amdel Infoways allows you to work wherever you need to work! In this service IP PBX phone systems save your business money. Amdel Infoways provides you Digium Service and you will think what kind of this service but one those who are well known from this service, they can understand well. It is an Amdel Infoways, a Phone system to Transform, How your business connects with others.

Amdel Infoways provide you Digium the most widely used open source telephony software in the world. Since its founding in 1999, Digium has become the leading provider of open source alternatives to over priced proprietary communication systems. Since the initial release of Asterisk, it's been tested and refined by a community of more than 70,000 developers and integrators in 170 countries around the world. Digium ESP Risk Free Guarantee Terms and Conditions under the Exceptional satisfaction Program (ESP) risk free guarantee.

Amdel Infoways prepares it easy for every employee or just a handful to be able to answer incoming phone calls whether they come in on the sales line, the main number or whatever else you can dream up. It's this flexibility that translates to better, more professional service for your customers. Amdel Infoways is a Registered Reseller and is proud to provide. Amdel Infoways has been offering Digium products and services to the Indian market since 2005 and in 2008 was appointed an official Registered Digium Reseller.

Amdel Infoways is a Registered Digium Reseller and is proud to provide Digium and Asterisk based solutions to companies operating in India and throughout the Asian market. Being a Registered Digium Reseller allows Amdel Infoway to offer the full range of Digium's high quality PBX and telephony hardware and software solutions and products. We offers VoIP, conferencing, voicemail, legacy PBX, IVR, auto attendant, media servers and gateways, and application servers and gateways.

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